Noble art

Years ago I decided that I liked painting large allegorical pieces from my imagination. I trained as an illustrator and concept artist for the entertainment industry only to fall in love with the freedom of painting big oil paintings. I'm interested in story telling and my paintings are often a combination of my own story or that of those around me, inspired by current events around the world or sentimental allegories that I feel the urge to document.  I'm making paintings that bridge figurative academia with contemporary minimalism with strong center figures inside a larger context of space, color and surface.  

My larger faces come from a place of meditation. The most satisfying part of creating them comes when I deconstruct the face down to a complex blur. Only when you step back 10 ft, it comes into focus, that's when you get a sense of breath and space with the illusion of an ambiguous face. Less is more while the imagination fills in the details. The experience is one that allows your subtle intuition of color and value come into focus.

Laser guided faces are a blast to create. They are the social side of my process, getting me out of the studio and into the performance space. Basically we start with a blank, thin sheet of stretched fabric, paint sticks and a laser. I stand on one side of the surface and point the laser where I want the paint. The student presses the paint through the surface. We go at it for a couple hours and see what comes out. The ultimate reward comes during the process when we begin to really communicate with each other, a sense of trust and pride of ownership happens when we see the results. I get to share my art not just as a finished piece but the experience of creating it as well.   

 The work on this site is in no particular order. It is my archive. I put them in the queue as I found them on random discs and hidden folders on my hard drive. There are still many paintings not shown here, and as I locate more I'll be posting them here.  The past few years I have rekindled my love for digital story telling and have included a few digital pieces as well. Other than oil paint, some new tools in my box, Photoshop, Manga Studio, Z brush, After Effects, Premier Pro. I am an artist straddling the old world with the new, the new tools of digital are fast and effective yet the old paint on canvas stands long and strong steeped in tradition.